Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

General Admining of the Server...

It is important that we all act within our standard operating procedures.. it will reduce the negative impact of the "abusive admin" claims and greatly help with our reputation of being stern and fair at the same time. It will stop us from having to spend all of our own game time with admining and arguing with players about our server's rules. (Notice I've always stated the rules as our server's rules not our rules... if you state the rules are the server's not yours then it takes away their ability to argue against being abusive and/or god-like.)

* List the server rules CLEARLY. To list the server rules to everyone.. use "!rules".. this will scroll the server rules for everyone to see across the bottom of the screen. Unless players know the rules they can't follow them.

* ALL admin are to wear [LKG] tags.. Unless players know who the admin are then how can they know whom to listen to.

* DO NOT ARGUE WITH PLAYERS IN THE IN GAME TEXT BOX.. it allows them a voice against what has already been stated in the rules. The server rules are not negotiable. Invite them to our forums and/or our teamspeak channel if they need further explanation of the rules. After you've invited them to TeamSpeak or the forums the discussion is over.. @kick them if they continue the argument. This should help in avoiding disrespect in front of other players.

Rule Infractions...

If a player is breaking the rules then we have a standard operating procedure that follows the "WARN THEM.. KILL THEM.. KICK THEM... TBAN/BAN THEM" policy. You should be positive that you have identified the correct player, have a full understanding of the rule they are breaking and be ready to follow through with the Warn, Kill, Kick, Ban procedure. (WKKB)

* The first warning should be done with the @yell feature... it is unlikely someone can miss their name and what they are doing wrong if it's posted in large text at the bottom of the screen. This would avoid players saying they didn't know and/or weren't warned. An example of a warning would be "JoeSchmo Base Raping is not allowed in this server." State the player's name and the rule. Nothing more - Nothing less.

* The second step should be the @kill feature and should ONLY be used to stop a player from actively breaking our rule. If JoeSchmo is base raping right now.. then he should be first warned by a @yell.. if he continues to break the rule THEN @kill him. Using the @kill feature after they've stopped with the infraction seems like admin abuse and invites them to speculate that you were using it to gain an advantage.

* The third step is the @kick feature should only be used as an eye opening warning.. you've already @yelled to warn them and they won't stop breaking the rule. @kill would've made them aware the know of their infraction and are actively watching.. then and only then should the @kick be done with an explanation.. ie.. "@kick JoeSchmo Base raping Please return to the server only if you are willing to play by our server rules."

* If none of the previous warnings, kills and/or kicks have worked.. then it's time to move onto removing the player from the server. General admin have the ability to perform a temporary ban and should only use this if all other avenues have been exhausted. An example of a temp ban would be.. "@tban60 JoeSchmo Base raping .. you were temp banned in order for us to determine if you are able to play by the server rules. 111" (admin's identifier should be entered at the end of the ban)

Suspicious Play...

If a player has game play that is "strong" that does NOT automatically mean they are using a computer aided program to enhance thier gameplay. Suspicious players should have their stats and game play evaluated for PROOF!! We cannot afford to ban players that are better than we are without proof. We have at our disposal many ways of checking players stats.. ie ..., metabans, the cheat detector and If a player has a previous ban then we should determine what the ban was for.. then.. decide if it indicates a history of suspicious play. Metabans will list bans that were performed by other server's admin and may have been for disrespect or other reasons. There are things to consider and we must consider them all before we make hasty decisions. First, issue a Tban. The Tban should be worded carefully and thoughtfully.. an example would be "temporarily banned due to suspicious gameplay.. Go to WWW.LOW-KEY.US to learn the results of our investigation." This will give you time to clear your head and use the tools listed above to find sufficient proof. While looking up their statistics, copy and paste your findings.. this will give you the appropriate information you'll need to file a forum post under "Report a Player". This forum post will be used by other admin to weigh all options and make a final decision. "IF", during your investigation, you find overwhelming evidence of a hack.. Permanently Ban the player IMMEDIATELY!!

Player/Admin Disrespect...

Disrespect is a touchy subject and should be handled carefully. Disrespect of an individual is one thing - disrespect to the server and it's admin is another. If someone says, "Pranxtor sucks" then he is making a statement to me as a player. Personal attacks are common and not to be considered disrespect of admin and/or to the server. If someone says, "F**k you and your rules" or "Pranxtor thinks he's a god and only punished me because I'm winning." - that is a totally different thing. The general idea that needs to be addressed when dealing with disrespect is "was it addressed to a person or toward an admin/server?" Disrespect of admin and/or the server or disrespect that interferes with the flow of gameplay is against the server rules and should be dealt with in the same way you'd handle a "Rules Infraction".

Offensive Language...

We are here to enjoy a safe and fun environment and must respect others, including the youngest members of the gaming community, but must also remember that this is a rated M (mature) game and language will pass middle school levels. Four letter words are not to be considered offensive unless they are used in excess or used to disrespect a player to the point that it interrupts game play. Racial/sexual slurs are NOT ALLOWED in any way, shape, form or fashion. They are grounds for immediate @kick and/or @ban from the server. For [LKG] members racial/sexual slurs are grounds for immediate probation/removal from the community.

Player Reports...

After a @tban or @ban has been performed, a forum post under "Report A Player" MUST be entered before the tban is set to expire. This report will describe when (date and time), which rule was broken and any other evidence and/or witnesses to the infraction. It should then be reported to a head admin and/or board member.. it will then be evaluated if the ban should allowed to expire, be made permanent or if the player was, in fact, not breaking the rules.